Edd-case wheelz are designed and manufactured in the uk to the highest standards.


All of our wheels are designed to our customers specific vehicle and fitment requirements giving a totally bespoke service and final product to help give a truly unique look to the cars.


Below is a step by step guide to the design and manufacture process:

  • Initial customer consultancy - requirement and technical specification  including, sizes, offsets, concave profile and stud pattern. visual images can be supplied in various options to help customers decide on wheel colours and finishes at this stage.

  • Design - Wheels are designed to customers specific requirements.When a customer orders a set of Edd-case wheels they are designed to your unique specification and fitment.

  • Testing and analysis - all designs are tested and analysed using finite element analysis (FEA) software to simulate strength and fatigue life based on jwl and via standards.

  • Machining - each wheels centre is machined on cnc lathe and mills from aluminium 6061-t6 forged blank. Every feature, detail and shape being machined out to create the final edd-case design.

  • Finishing and coating - Machined centres go through many processes to take them from raw machined component to perfect exquisitely finished product ready for final coating to customers required finish and colour.

  • assembly - Finished centers are built up and sealed with barrels and lips all spun from 6061-T6 aluminium using top quality fittings to complete the Edd-case wheel.

  • quality control - fully finished wheels are thoroughly inspected and checked to ensure they comply with our high standards before being packaged and sent out to the excited customers.

Full t&c's available on request or supplied during initial stage of order.

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